Why do you dip yarn?

SKS dipping treatments serve as exceptional adhesive agents, elevating the bonding capabilities between various components. When yarn is immersed in RFL, it acquires a fine coating that significantly enhances adhesion between yarns and rubber materials. SKS has amassed a vast repertoire of dipping recipes, meticulously tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of our valued customers

SKS technologies


 RFL (Resorcinol-Formaldehyde-Latex) is a process that prepares the yarn for rubber applications. RFL can be used alone or, if chemical bonding with the twisted yarn is insufficient, with a pre-dip. 


SKS has proudly introduced an environmentally friendly alternative to solvent-based dipping solutions. Our innovative water-based solution, known as Eco-Stiff, offers a sustainable option that can effectively replace traditional solvent solutions.


Heat treatment

Heat treatment, specifically heat setting, is a crucial process that yarn can undergo to establish and stabilize its properties. Heat setting involves subjecting the yarn to controlled heat, which modifies its structure and imparts desired characteristics.

Outstanding processability

SKS takes great pride in delivering dipped cords of exceptional quality and uniformity. Our meticulous dipping process ensures consistent coating application, resulting in cords that exhibit remarkable uniformity in their structure and characteristics. This uniformity contributes to excellent processability, enabling our customers to utilize our cords at higher speeds in their manufacturing processes. Additionally, the superior quality of our dipped cords minimizes the occurrence of yarn breaks, reducing downtime and enhancing overall efficiency for our customers.