Enabling your solutions old

Meeting your textile challenges with custom applications and production methods


If you are looking for a special, innovative yarn – with unique properties, for a highly specific purpose, or to solve a particularly difficult challenge – then SKS is the right partner for you.

We specialize in creating tailor-made solutions to challenging problems in the field of textiles,fibers and tapes. This may involve developing a brand-new hybrid yarn for you. Or it may take us (and you) into new, unexplored application areas. Or it may lead us to come up with original, smart production processes for you, based on the latest technologies.

Thanks to our flexible organizational structure and our close cooperation with universities and
research institutes, we are always at the forefront of textile research. This means we can develop
special products for niche applications and get them to market for you quickly.

Some of SKS’s recent innovative products and production technologies include:


    • Hybrids
      SKS developed a family of hybrid yarns made of standard yarns in various combinations. By carefully
      selecting the right yarns,we can create a yarn that meets your exact requirements.


    • Eco-friendly Stiff Cords
      Waterbased, eco-friendly dips for socalled stiff cords, enable precision cutting of polyester, polyamid and aramid cords during the manufacturing of heavy duty transmission belts.

 Poly V belt

    • Special impregnation
      We have developed a highly effective way of impregnating heavy cord, prolonging its lifetime,
      even under the severest conditions.