A wide range of spools

At SKS, we offer flexible winding capabilities to accommodate the diverse requirements of our customers. We have the expertise and equipment to wind yarn onto a wide range of spools and tubes based on specific customer needs. Whether it’s paper tubes, flange spools, or other types of spools and tubes, we can customize the winding process to ensure the yarn is packaged in the desired format. Our aim is to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique preferences and operational requirements of our valued customers.

SKS technologies

Random winding

The yarn is typically wound onto a cylindrical package, such as a cone or tube, without strict control over the yarn’s alignment. This method is often used when the specific arrangement or alignment of the yarn is not critical for the intended application.

Precision winding

During precision winding, the yarn is wound onto a specific type of package, such as a cone or spool, using advanced winding equipment. The process ensures that the yarn is wound tightly and uniformly, with minimal variations in tension or alignment. The yarn is precisely guided onto the package, resulting in a neatly arranged and organized package.


During the assembling process, the individual yarns are parallel wound without twist. The winding process ensures that the yarns remain aligned and in the desired configuration throughout the length of the yarn. The purpose is to prepare the yarn for twisting, or to create a thicker yarn without twist.