About SKS group old

SKS was founded in 1918 as a viscose spinner and has developed over the decades towards a dedicated converter for High Performance Yarns.

Today SKS is an international operating company that supplies customers throughout the world with high performance yarns and cords for MRG, Tire and Paper Felt applications. As an important link in the value chain for automotive and industrial manufacturers SKS services these markets by a global sales and marketing approach.

The production plants in Sweden and Estonia and since 2012 in China enable SKS a globally spread market position to serve customers locally with a global approach, ensuring the same high quality of our products worldwide.
In accordance the SKS sales network is growing and will be even more globally spread through central sales as well as local agencies.

SKS’ laboratories and technical service center are constantly improving products and finding solutions through innovation in close cooperation with our customers and partners.  In order to have a broad feeding base SKS work closely with Research Institutes and Universities to develop new technical yarns and to modify existing yarn qualities in order to meet new and existing customers demand.

SKS always strives to be at the forefront regarding product development and be open for our customers’ request.
It is key for SKS to provide customers with a solution package next to the product, that gives the ultimate price-performance.

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